...and away we go

To escape the heat advisory yesterday, we opted out of Sea World and into the comforts of a cool, dark movie theater. It was Kennedy's first movie-going experience and what a thrill it was. Just driving up to the mololithic suburban 14-screen theater was as exciting as seeing Shamu! Then there was the consession stand, the bag of popcorn as large as her torso, the ginormous movie displays (when did those things start taking up a football stadium? I remember when they were merely life-size.) The best part of the whole day had to be the darkened theater with lighted steps. Ah, yes, the steps. Lighted. She wanted to go all the way to the top she loved the steps so much. She finally decided on her seat -- the first one on the end, toward the back. So cute; so innocent. She was quiet and sat still for the whole movie, and gorged herself on the greasy popcorn. The film itself brought on a few laughs, as well as some cover-your-eyes moments for her. It also had the usual dose of morals and values. I doubt it would have been as good at home on DVD, but it sure beat melting into a concrete stadium seat that smells of fish and sunblock. I do hope that she forgets seeing the preview for Disney's new blockbuster -- The Princess and the Frog.....


Random Red

1. Vintage record player from etsy
2. Shoes from plasticland
3. Matryoshka measuring cups from anthropologie
4. Skirt from Sundance catalog
5. Room from westelm
6. Ring from Sundance catalog


Quinoa Salad, or The Night My Kid Had a Popsicle for Dinner

I can't say I blame my three-year old for not eating this. The first time I had a Quinoa encounter (pronounced KEEN-wah) I thought it was escargot @snails@. At least her popsicle was made with real fruit....

I liked it, even though next time I'll experiment with a different flavor of dressing (not a big fan of the Zesty Italian I had on hand.) The verdict is still out from the carnivore of the house....

Sand & Stardust

I always feel a little nostalgic for home during the summer months. The draw of the Sunshine State is as powerful as the memories I have made there. The blog Creature Comforts was just the inspiration I needed to post a collage interpretation of my imaginary trip home.

1. Dinner at Cafe Tu Tu Tango
2. Stapling a dollar bill to the wall and Pizza at the No Name Pub, Big Pine Key
3. Cocoa Beach
4. Stardust Cafe, coffee shop/video store/art space
5. Fireworks out at sea on my dad's boat
6. Friends

Audrey Hepburn poses with 'Ip', 1958

This is the most beautiful photo ever. Check out the rare Audrey Hepburn flickr set!


Boggle Blogger

No, it's not news or noteworthy, but just an interesting tid-bit: our local antique "mall" had a "Vintage" Boggle game from 1980, all pieces entact, for $5!! I bought it!
My grandma, mom and I used to play this all the time. Now Kennedy is enjoying it. She prefers lining up all the letters in a neat row on the table....
I love the box art -- the finger nails, the Steno pad, the 80s font. They just don't make 'em like they used to....



We're on our way to becoming a regular Partridge Family

This was our weekend -- us playing instruments for which we have no real skill. Featuring: Jimmy on Guitar (Turner), Assilem on Drums (Melissa), and Kennedy on vocals. She actually did pretty good with "We Got the Beat" by the Go-Gos and "So What'cha Want" by the Beastie Boys. Last night I heard her humming Beck's "E-Pro" in the bath tub - so cute!



For you I wish:
more time, more peace,
more good, more news,
more health.

Less worry, less stress,
less strain, less unknown,
less hospital.

Know that I am there in spirit, holding your hand, waiting right along side you.

For Faith:
I wish all your boo-boos were gone
and no more shots.
We can't wait for you to come to Kennedy's house
to play.