Snack Bags

I've sewn little goodie bags before, but always with a velcro closure. Very annoying. I found this tutorial for making old-school envelope-style baggies, much like the sandwich bags of the 70s. The video is very funny. You should check it out. And make some yourself while you're at it! Even if you don't have stash fabric, find some. The Strawberry Shortcake bag above was from a cut up bandanna out of the dress up box.


Endless Summer

What a crazy, fun-filled stay-at-home week it's been -- the perfect time to ensure a jam packed summer. Below is my summer fun list, created months ago and edited along the way. I wonder if I'll have time to cross everything else off this weekend?

Make sun tea • Pick berries • Swing in a hammock Go on picnic Make pesto from the garden • Host a crafternoon • Make laundry detergent Make sun prints Grow a vegetable garden • Make a skirt • Pick wildflowers • Go for a night swim • Make sidewalk paint Go to a farmer’s market Do some Mad Science • See a play at Zilker Park • Make popsicles Dine al fresco See the ocean Read a summer book • Turn of the internet for a whole weekend • Make peach muffins • BBQ • Blow a dandelion Watch a parade Read K a chapter book Make Mason jar mugs Roast s'mores • Go roller skating • Start dance class Go back to Kiddie Acres Hear the Symphony in the park Swim in Deep Eddy Crochet a blanket Plan K's 5th (handmade) birthday party • Go on an Austin Duck Tour

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