Just Hangin'

I finally made something for the house!

It took a while - cutting the material, sewing the channel on top for the ribbon, printing the letters, tracing the letters on freezer paper, cutting the freezer paper, ironing the freezer paper onto the fabric, mixing the paint with fabric medium (not sure why?), painting, then (the hardest part) threading the ribbon into the bunting. Oh, and hanging. With nails. With an 8 month old under foot....

Eight Months! (But, really, 6 months in this picture. That's how behind I am!)

For the girl, another time consuming project, especially because she wanted to "help." Sigh....    

It is super cute though....and visible when you reach the top of the stairs, which I love. :)
Finally, I surprised her with this in her closet. VOILA! Decals!