Nifty Thrifty

Here are some of my recent vintage and thrift acquisitions:

Game board, circa 1943

Pair of pillowcases & notions (I love that word)

Set of 12 wooden community helpers


You've Got Mail (Boxes)

Painted chip-board mailboxes for K and K. The little flags go up and down, and the fronts open for goodies to be stored inside. I glued foam hearts on the fronts for added dimension.
TIP: It is much easier to paint hearts upside down. Who knew?



Tissue holders! So easy to make and CUTE!!! Maybe now I'll have tissues handy in the car, instead of just a squished box on the back seat floor board. Tutorial from Bella Dia.


Paper Apron

Ironically, the same week I made my aprons, K made one at school. When asked what her apron would be used for, she obviously had a clear purpose in mind. Just not what you'd expect....