Friendship Blanket

A dear friend, who knew how much I love to crochet, gave me a bag of her late mother's yarn from ages ago to use for my projects. Here is the yarn.

And here is the lap blanket I made her for her birthday!

I was so pleased to be able to give back the yarn as a functional piece, in a way that, hopefully, honors her mother. Who knows, it may even become a keepsake for her daughter too, someday. That is the beauty of crochet, and the thrill of making and giving a handmade gift -- it can be shared and passed down with a story for years to come.


Ear Hat

Crocheted this simple silly fun hat.

...and more to come!


Thankful for...

Today I experienced such wonderful kindness, from two different people, on two completely different paths. Each bestowed upon me lovely vintage treasures they had found--two ancient sewing spools and a sheet that traveled a great distance (and to think, they found their way to MY cubicle....)

More than the items themselves, however, it was the givers' thoughtfulness that has made my day. They are both busy, working moms, and the fact that they found the time to not only find these treasures, but remember to bring them in, during a time when we're all so busy I can't even remember to bring my lunch....

I am so grateful for their friendship and appreciative of everyone in my life who knows that sometimes it's the simplest acts of kindness that mean the world....


Crocheted Washcloths

Handmade Teachers Gift - Check! I combined multiple tutorials and experimented on these. Really, it's just a 10 inch-ish square, so anything goes. The yarn was exciting (woo.hoo.) -- LB Organic Cotton. It was kind of linty, but the perfect softness.