Cooking with Clara

This down-to-earth, 93-year-old great-grandma was featured on Good Morning America with her depression-era cooking tips. Simply amazing. She doesn't even use a cutting board! Says they didn't have such luxuries then. Also, she cooks pasta with the heat off. Why haven't I ever thought of that? Guess we're always in such a hurry....


Mardi Gras

Word cloud of my blog c/o www.wordle.net. Go see what you're talking about....


This Rocks

I love her quirky obsessive compulsive behaviors. These are rocks placed inside hairbands. Not as bad as the time she put matching colored beads in the hairbands, but still, pretty funny.

It's a cold, sad Valentines night and I have nothing better to do right now than gripe about it on my blog (and facebook). Grandma was supposed to come to Austin to babysit while Turner & I went out for a nice dinner. Alone. She got the flu yesterday, so had to cancel, understandably. I'm hoping that there's at least a movie-on-demand that can lift my spirits. Some cheesy romantic comedy. I may have to watch 30 Rock again - Thursday's episode was hilarious, speaking of CHEESY (stew).


New Addition...

...to my shoe closet, that is. I've been a Texan goin' on eight years now. Figured it was time for some sh*t kickers. Happy Birthday to me....


This Generation's Muppet Show

C/O Jack's Big Music Show

This show is amazing. Much like Muppet Show, it features new artists and exposes kids to all styles of music. When Andrew Bird made his entrance on this particular episode, Turner and I about fell to the floor. Still, there's no replacing Kermie, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, et. al.