Toy Story Party

Alien Cupcakes
These were so much fun to make, and the highlight of the party.
*Chocolate cupcakes (of course!)
*Neon green food coloring added to vanilla icing
*White chocolate chips for the eyes
*Black icing gel for the pupils and mouth
*Half of a green Fruit Loop for the antennae

The Party Room
Best. Party. Location. Ever! A party assistant helped set everything up and she even lit the number 5 candle for me, which, promptly started to lean and fall over as soon as we started in with the song. The exhibit at the Children's Museum was "games" which tied in nicely with the Toy Story theme. And, for 1.5 hours, the kids got to PLAY. Endless fun....

This was pretty low-key since we weren't spending a lot of time in the party room. We had dollar store purple table clothes, handmade Happy Birthday banner (felt and fabric), Toy Story plates, and some Toy Story cootie catchers* scattered in the middle of the table. The highlight, of course, was the museum's birthday girl chair.

*These cootie catchers were a modified version of draw pilgrim's. Love that blog!

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