Petal Pillow

This happy little pillow was just the right sewing project for these chilly wet-weather days.

Made with a vintage sheet and all the scraps I could muster. Buttons came off a shirt that was destined for Goodwill (how is it you can never find two matching buttons when you need them?) Instructions were given via Lemon Tree Studio.


26 Weeks

Not very long now, especially if I think about K coming at 38 weeks. That is a mere 12 weeks away!

Here are the updates to the nursery so far:

Curtains are hung (IKEA).

Alphabet letters are hung (had from K's nursery).

Rocking chair is slip-covered (need to adjust and alter); ottoman is temporarily covered with a gifted hand-knit blanket; artwork is hung (Charlie Harper calendar).

Boppy is out (and makes quite the lion mane).

Belly is undoubtedly out and makes for quite the conversation starter, which usually goes something like this: "When are you due?" "March." Conversation over. Why do people ask, really? I am tempted to buy and wear one of these every. single. day....

Felt Play Envelopes

These are adorable for slipping little love notes and drawings. With removable stamps, the possibilities are endless. (I know some little girlfriends who will be getting a set of these for the holidays!)


This was SO much fun to make, and I love how it turned out. I went tag crazy! But that's kind of the point, right? via pinterest, yay!


I made something off Pinterest!

These felt band-aids were just too cute and easy. I had the beige felt on hand and sewed on Velcro for the white pad (the scratchier of the two sides) so it could stick to stuffed animals. I didn't follow a tutorial, just cut a rounded rectangle out of the felt, a little larger than a normal-sized band-aid. I also reused an Altoids tin to keep them in.

The kid loves them, and has been carrying them all over the place and in the car. I was worried she might be a little too old for them (and made them with little brother in mind) but that's so not the case. I'm glad :)

Poor bear had "surgery." Imaginative play at its finest.


Yarn Bowling

Finally made some t-shirt yarn for a project. Turns out it's really easy and the kiddo was excited to get involved too. The super long strand became a tug-0-war rope, a jump rope, and as a ball, well, the possibilities are endless...