Dandy Paintings

After much deliberation on how I could cheat and easily paint, stencil, transfer, or stamp this design, I just went for it and painted it freehand. I couldn't be more pleased!

I had the two bead board panels in place on either side of the back door to hide the eyesore that was dog scratches in the drywall. I used some leftover green Behr and white acrylic paint on the smooth backside of the panels to create the dandelion design. Now, let's hope the dog keeps her paws off my masterpieces!


The Road to Toofdom

More exciting than political philosphy - K has lost her first tooth! The process started a long month ago with a mere wiggle with a finger, and the journey ended last night with the discovery that her tooth was indeed OUT, in her mouth, which she promptly spit into her hand. No pulling required. I am thankful that I don't have to look at that dangling little thing protruding from her bottom jaw anymore. She is thankful for the four one-dollar bills the tooth fairy left under her pillow.


Interior Art

I believe that having art on the walls, and lots of it, and changing it around often, is the most fun you can have with interior decorating. It keeps things interesting and detracts from the inability to rearrange furniture in a small space, something I've always been fond of doing.

After I moved one art piece out of the dining area, I realized I needed some window valances to draw the eye upward, away from the cluttered dining/craft/sewing/chalkboard table. (Actually, I may have had that idea after I found this amazingly perfect fabric at IKEA, and had to come up with a use for it.)

Textile piece, gifted from the husband, K's canvas art, and a thrift store piece.

An Edie Harper from my grandparents' collection, paintings by me, and a marble painting of K's.

Valances via IKEA fabric. I love love LOVE that you can cut your own yards off the bolt. There is something so satisfying, almost rebellious about that....



I know I should make more time for myself, but I always wonder what I'm missing when I'm away.

I am thrilled to have a posting up at one of my favorite, as in I go there DAILY, blogs: habit. I'm so grateful to be published, and thankful that I spent the day - every minute of it! - with my girl.