I've been working on a few indoor signs for the house:
  1. Hand-painted laundry room sign with silhouette clip art. I used the chalk rubbing technique on the back of printed letters. Fun!

  2. Menu dry erase board with food box cut-outs, burlap (yes, burlap), and a typewriter font. Inspiration from here.
On the walls. (Thursday can't get here fast enough!)


The Tooth Fairy is Coming

The other day at breakfast, K was touching her bottom teeth with her pointer finger. I jokingly asked, "What, you have a loose tooth?" Her eyes got so big, she didn't even need to respond. Her front bottom two teeth were wiggling!

In preparation for the lovely tooth fairy herself, I made this little pillow to keep the teeth in when they do decide to come out. It isn't fancy.... In fact, in trying to make it fancy with ric-rac around the pocket, I completely messed it up. However, I doubt the tooth fairy will mind :)


Decorative Disguise Planter

We have this ugly eyesore of a plumbing part in the middle of our front yard. I think it's the water-main shut-off, but in six years we've never had reason to access it. So, I decided to cover it up! (UPDATE: This is in fact a sewage cap. Ugh. But, I've been told it's fine to cover it. Fertilizer!)

I used a wine crate, hollowed out to allow room for the eyesore. I lined it with a black weed blocker sheet, stapled gunned in place.

I painted our address using the most simple method -- print out numbers using the computer, rub chalk on the back of the paper, lay the sheet where the numbers will go, trace the outline with a pencil, and fill in with paint.

Now we have an address marker, visible as you turn the corner, and beautiful flowers to boot. Hopefully we won't have a plumbing disaster any time soon! The inspiration for the planter came from here.

(I know grass is long, I just couldn't wait until the weekend, when we mow, to take pictures.)