Home Ec Flashbacks

My mother-in-law gifted to me these lovely publications from a thrift store: a 1979 issue of Simplicity's 76 Great Gifts and a 1986 Wilton Baking and Decorating Yearbook. Inspiring....

"Disco devotees will enjoy the newest attire--a sequined bowtie for him or her."

Remember these wall hangings?!

I wonder if this Fabric of the Month Club still exists? Let's write them at PO Box 402098, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Oh, yeah.....

I've always wondered what to do with the top of a fresh pineapple....

There really are some timeless tips in these, er, artful books. Embroidery stitches, how to make a flower petal with icing. I can envision the terrycloth exercise mat tutorial as an updated Yoga mat. And, who knows, maybe sequined bow ties will be making a comeback??? {Wouldn't it be funny if I made all the projects and blogged about it, a la Julie & Julia? ha ha ha}


Crayon Wallet

I made this cute crayon and notepad holder using a tutorial over at Skip to My Lou. Hopefully it will encourage the four year old to use Crayola and NOT Sharpie anymore. (Each time she uncaps one, I worry, not about my walls, but her brain cells. She loves her some "Black. Permanent. Marker.") I didn't have a "shank" button within reach, so I used Velcro as the closure. I am making a little notepad to put in the center slot. The glue is drying, but so far she has enjoyed carrying it around the house, even without the paper....

Scarf Wrap Up

Done. No more scarves in 2009. Down with the Scarves.

These are all being gifted tomorrow:

1. for Kennedy's grandma (Ruffle Pattern crochet)
2. for Kennedy's girl cousin (Double crochet)
3. for Kennedy's baby girl cousin (butterfly fleece) <---E A S Y: cut the fleece, cut a bunch of strips at the ends
4. for Kennedy's boy cousin (polar bear fleece)


Little did I know...

My fluffy and soft wristwarmers would look like chainmail. Just in time for the RenFest! They work though, and next up is a cowl to match.



We made some ornaments today, using mostly felt, some paper, and FLUFF. The gingerbread person has fluff for hair. The Russian nesting doll, no matter how much fluff we stuffed, looks too skinny. The photo frame ornament is a faux Polaroid. I had help with a lot of the stitching, stuffing, gluing and coloring. We have enough ornaments for the time being, I think....


Doggie Biscuits

Olive coveting a yummy homemade biscuit under the tree, where she loves to lay and ruin my tree skirt. (Note the "cookies" ornament. Completely unintentional product placement!)

This batch was supposed to be heart-shaped, but....The dogs loved them nonetheless. The were crunchy and just the right size. One batch made enough for their biscuit jar, which should last, oh, two days! I used the first recipe listed on this site.

Little Crochet Hat

With flower embellishment. I started out intending to make this, but after one failed attempt at following instructions (and one HUGE hat later) I started over freehand. I wonder if I'll ever be able to read crochet directions....


Tam o'shanter

It started off as a yarmulke, a joke. But I kept on going....


Better than a tissue cover...

...although that is probably next. I saw this cute jar cover tutorial and tried it, but thought the sleeve would be better placed on the bathroom cup dispenser. It has a metal bottom and always leaves a rust ring, so this piece is long enough to tuck under the bottom and prevent that. Form AND function-YAY. It also fit nicely around my wrist, but I thought the colors were a little too Rainbow Brite for wrist warmers....NOTE: The second ring from the top is actually a dark turquoise, not black.


natural phenomena (and hot cocoa)

This little owl on a branch appears to be telling the little birdie next to him a secret....

It is 28 degrees here tonight. I saw daylight snowfall for the first time. My eyelashes still feel the cold....

Happy Challadaze

Love it: the hair, the glasses, the Jewish women in my family gathered 'round the Christmas tree. I look slightly frightened. And I see where I acquired my love of stripes....


The Bento Box Bag

The new bento-style lunch box arrived, and it needed a carrying case. I picked up this cute little bag at IKEA for $2 and the box fits inside perfectly with enough room for an ice pack. Of course, I had to embroider her name on it, freehand. She picked the color thread and was pleased with my work. Now, onto planning yummy eats to put in the box!