With very little time for crafting or sewing these days, I have to be very choosy with what I set out to make. Do I have the materials on hand? Can it be completed during nap time? Is it USEFUL? That last one is so important as my house is filling to the brim faster than an overflowing toilet. When I saw these canvas sacks on The Sleepy Time Gal, I knew they were the perfect project for me. I made five in one day and could have kept on going, but I forced myself to stop. It is July 4th after all and I should do something more...patriotic. Although, I did have visions of Betsy Ross as I was hand sewing the bottom flaps in....

I labeled mine a little differently -- I wanted the writing on the rims of the bins instead of the bottoms, and since I'm not very precise patient with paint, I used a fine-tip Sharpie marker. I traced some removable vinyl letters and added a "flourish" at the end. I like the retro look it created. Very Schoolhouse Rocks.

I left one bin blank for the girl and gave her some fabric markers to decorate it as she wished. After all, it is a blank canvas!