Don't Eat the Turkey, Just the Guts

Saw this great idea for the kids for Thanksgiving on Honest to Nod.

First you stuff a paper-bag turkey with popcorn. Hot glue it shut, and add on some drumsticks:

Give the kids a knife and let them carve it open. (I love how K is making a stabbing motion along with her cousin!)

Surprise! It's like a Thanksgiving pinata, minus the stick!

All was quiet for a few minutes while the adults put final touches on the real meal. We were thankful, and so were the kids.



This week:

Grandmama so generously sent a changing pad cover that will surely be the pièce de résistance of the room. I've also received buckets of other items from friends as their babies have outgrown them. That will be another post to come!

I made a giraffe stuffie. I'm thinking he needs a mane and tail, maybe of felt? I know not where I got the pattern, moons ago....

Sewed some burp cloths (the backs of these bad boys are pieces cut from a t-shirt) tutorial c/o made by rae....

...and here we are at 21 weeks!