I love lunch hours. I try to stop at my Nifty Thrifty store as often as I can on lunch hours, hoping to find the perfect treasures, or just to take in all the junky goodness. Today, in true picker fashion, I scored. This sign was acquired for a mere Andrew Jackson ($20) and it is perfect ON SO MANY LEVELS.

We have a bit of a sign obsession collection going on in our house. Plus, my daughter has taken a liking to saying something is "sassy." I have no idea where it came from. It may be from a book we read quite often, in which the leading lady is named Sassy, but in her context I fear it stems from something Nickelodeon related. This will look amazing anywhere in our house, in her room even! And, AND...it lights up! Cheers!

New Use for That Oujia Board You Have Lying Around

I've been saving this Oujia board for years, for just the right project. This would be that project! My Halloween Door Decor! So simple to make -- I just drilled holes in the top of the board and threaded them with some black garden weed stopper fabric (the best Halloween material ever -- it cuts funky and has such a GOTH look to it, all jagged and flowy.) I thought about adding more to the door, like a ghoulish hand, but I like the simplicity of this. PS - The owl has been looking for a nice perch, and I think he found it!


Colorful Creations to Come

I have been bookmarking, starring, tagging, and saving a multitude of projects "to do." Here are some of my favorties. They look so pretty and inspiring grouped together like this, don't they? I can enlist the help of the five year old for some of these, sure, but mostly it's an idea board for me.

1. Alphabet vase, One Charming Party
2. Bird house cuckoo clock, Ever Kelley
3. Book page canvas art, Jones Design Company
4. Yarn wrapped containers, Craft Passion
5. Crocheted baby sweater, Creative Jewish mom
6. Loop scarf, A Load of Craft
7. T-shirt yarn! Creative Jewish Mom
8. Paper apple weaving craft, Creative Jewish Mom
9. Crocheted bracelets, Creative Jewish Mom
10. Personalized stationary, Just Something I Made
11. Jute webbing planter, Lemon Tree Creations
12. Cutest crochet afghan, Dottie Angel
13. Wooden fashion plates, She Wears Flowers