Halfway There

In the last week:

We found out it's a BOY!

Little boy and I have grown quite a bit.

Lambie the lovey has a little brother, too. It's for the baby from Grandmama, just as lambie was. I hope he loves it as much as sister loves hers. :)


Lunchbox Notes

I don't put them in every day, nor would I ever buy pre-printed notes, but occassionally I put a note in K's lunchbox that I hope brings a smile to her face and lets her know I'm thinking about her. When I saw these printable Halloween labels online I knew exactly what I would be using them for during the month of October.


Spooky Stuff

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween....

Q-tips skeleton

Día de los Muertos Suncatchers


Boy Blanket and a Belly Shot

I'd like to say that by crocheting such a boyish blanket I had some kind of epiphany as to the sex of my avocado-sized belly snatcher, but that wasn't the case. I actually had a really groovy rainbow baby blanket in mind, but Joann's completely screwed up my order (and by screwed up I mean cancelled it, just as the yarn went OFF sale). So, with an itch to make something NOW, I turned to what I had, which is yarn that's almost as masculine as the first one was feminine, and made this bad boy:

It only took a couple hours (double crochet works up fast), so if it turns out this little avocado is actually a girl, then back to the hooks I go. I do love this yarn though - the blanket is as snugly as a teddy bear - and it's nothing fancy, just Red Heart Soft in Icy Pond.

And now, the bump:

(interesting tid-bit: my stomach was the size it is now at 20 weeks with K. hmm....)