This Rocks

I love her quirky obsessive compulsive behaviors. These are rocks placed inside hairbands. Not as bad as the time she put matching colored beads in the hairbands, but still, pretty funny.

It's a cold, sad Valentines night and I have nothing better to do right now than gripe about it on my blog (and facebook). Grandma was supposed to come to Austin to babysit while Turner & I went out for a nice dinner. Alone. She got the flu yesterday, so had to cancel, understandably. I'm hoping that there's at least a movie-on-demand that can lift my spirits. Some cheesy romantic comedy. I may have to watch 30 Rock again - Thursday's episode was hilarious, speaking of CHEESY (stew).

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Little Nova said...

A) I loved the video of her in the tub, because she lines up all her dollies like an audience, too!

B) 30 Rock is off the chain.Love it!

C) Valentines Day in Amish Country...Not as romantic as one would think....hahahah