Lesson learned: I will never again judge a book by it's cover, or discriminate against amphibian main characters. The Frog and Toad books are adorable! Short, sweet stories of friendship with just the right amount of mood and humor. We have the collection, which consisits of about 15 stories - Kennedy asks for her favorites by name. She knew about these books from school. (And to think my batrachophobia almost banned this children's literature from my house for eternity!) I was even able to read some at the dinner table the other night - RIGHT BY MY FOOD. What if this is the first step in overcoming my fear of frogs?!?!? Face your fears, and all that, right Frog? Right, Toad?


Little Nova said...

I grew up with those books!

Jana said...

Haven't I told you?!?! These were my favorite growing up and I read them to the kids too. Have them all! :)