I saw a commercial the other day that made me actually stop and rewind. It was for a shoe. For little girls. The Web site markets the shoe with:
"Give her look a lovely lift with the SKECHERS Pretty Talls-High Step shoe. Soft suede or smooth leather and mesh fabric upper in a zigzag strap casual sneaker with a wedge heel."
The commercial ends with a bizarre, jarring circus song. Appropriate considering how the whole idea of selling height (a la stilts) is a strange spectacle.


Jana said...

I heard that, I swear, leg lengthening plastic surgery is all the rage now!! This makes me think of how parents used to use estrogen or testosterone to keep their girls from being tall, and all of it PISSES ME OFF! And this from someone who knows tall is beautiful..

Natasha Anderson said...

Being tall isn't even that fabulous guys! I think girls have plenty of time to wear arch-torturing, calf-straining, spider-vein-giving high heels - there's no need to start with their shoes when they're little! http://www.adminsecret.com/news/articles/1327-how-high-heels-damage-womens-bodies

Little Nova said...
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Little Nova said...


If I had kids...we'd wear matching shoes...
Sweet Kicks

(So, they'd grow up despising me for taking away their individuality.)