12 Ways to Sort Barbies or "How I Lost My Sanity Living with All These Dolls"

If one were to sort 113 Barbies into two separate toy bins, what would be the most logical distinguishing characteristics by which to separate them? Because, of course, logic is of utmost importance when you're dealing with a pile of plastic and unruly hair. And, NO, throwing them all in the trash is NOT an option.

These are your options:

  1. Blond vs. Brunette
  2. Dark skinned vs. Light skinned (Segregation? Can we do that?)
  3. Princess vs. Working Woman
  4. Clothed vs. Naked
  5. Plasticized underwear vs. Going commando
  6. Those that change color when wet vs. Those that don't
  7. Those that are water logged and shall forever remain "Bath Barbies" vs. Those that are not
  8. Big Feet vs. Little Feet (yes, some Barbies do have giant Sasquatch feet. I think they are the more athletic ones. Next category please....)
  9. Athletic vs. Fashionista
  10. Made in Indonesia vs. Made in China
  11. Those with Stars on their Bellies vs. Those with None upon Thars
and, last but not least, in my house:

12. Has all hands and limbs vs. Amputee


scoopet said...

So do you suppose if Joelie coughed up the pieces and parts you would have a new catagory of barbie?

Jana said...

Okay, does she really have 113!!?? Oh my! They have come a long way apparently. 10 years ago they didn't change color, have too many professions, or have a wide ethnic variety.

Little Nova said...