Endless Summer

What a crazy, fun-filled stay-at-home week it's been -- the perfect time to ensure a jam packed summer. Below is my summer fun list, created months ago and edited along the way. I wonder if I'll have time to cross everything else off this weekend?

Make sun tea • Pick berries • Swing in a hammock Go on picnic Make pesto from the garden • Host a crafternoon • Make laundry detergent Make sun prints Grow a vegetable garden • Make a skirt • Pick wildflowers • Go for a night swim • Make sidewalk paint Go to a farmer’s market Do some Mad Science • See a play at Zilker Park • Make popsicles Dine al fresco See the ocean Read a summer book • Turn of the internet for a whole weekend • Make peach muffins • BBQ • Blow a dandelion Watch a parade Read K a chapter book Make Mason jar mugs Roast s'mores • Go roller skating • Start dance class Go back to Kiddie Acres Hear the Symphony in the park Swim in Deep Eddy Crochet a blanket Plan K's 5th (handmade) birthday party • Go on an Austin Duck Tour

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Jana said...

Wow, you have done a lot!! I haven't finished anything on my summer to do list. BBQ this weekend? :)

Little Nova said...