I love lunch hours. I try to stop at my Nifty Thrifty store as often as I can on lunch hours, hoping to find the perfect treasures, or just to take in all the junky goodness. Today, in true picker fashion, I scored. This sign was acquired for a mere Andrew Jackson ($20) and it is perfect ON SO MANY LEVELS.

We have a bit of a sign obsession collection going on in our house. Plus, my daughter has taken a liking to saying something is "sassy." I have no idea where it came from. It may be from a book we read quite often, in which the leading lady is named Sassy, but in her context I fear it stems from something Nickelodeon related. This will look amazing anywhere in our house, in her room even! And, AND...it lights up! Cheers!

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Little Nova said...

Wow! I love it...You are so creative....xoxooxoxoxoxox