Hundreds, hearts, and hugeness

The much celebrated (who knew?) 100th day of school is approaching and K had an assignment to create something with 100 pieces, non-food items only (darn). I saw this and had to steal the idea from Simply Modern Mom. We LOVE googly eyes around here!

I've also been making some small tchotchkes for Valentines Day.

Crocheted hairpins:

Crayon hearts:

It's been a while since I've posted a belly shot. This one shows off my lovely stretch marks from my first pregnancy! All in all, this time around has been so much easier: no swelling, no crazy carpal tunnel, less heartburn. And I truly thought I had it pretty good the first time around. I hope this continues for the next few weeks and that the delivery goes as smooth as it did with her too (or smoother would be nice!) People are really in my business now - when are you due? you look like you're going to pop! sure it's not twins? today I had some moms at the school that I've never met stop and ask what I'm having. When I said a boy they all laughed and said they knew it from how I was carrying. Strange to know that people are discussing your stature.....

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