Three is a magic number

Kennedy is soon to be the last only child of all her three-year-old classmates. (Congratulations to the mommy-to-be, if she's reading!) The choice of whether or not to have another baby has been one of much discussion in our household. Just as a couple is never "ready" to have a first baby, the thought of a sibling is just as daunting, if not more so. We've been watching this Schoolhouse Rock video lately, and I've already decided: if Kennedy remains an only child, this will be our theme song. And if Turner and I ever make a decision, or find ourselves in a "Whoops!" situation, I'll be writing about it here, I'm sure.Link


Little Nova said...

I seriously was JUST thinking about when you guys were going to add to your brood. (well...impending brood?)I think it's a ducky idea! Yay!

Gabe and I are thinking of adopting next year. We don't want to really wait to start a family and we seem to be "missing each other"....heheheh

The only thing is...we have these days where we really wonder if we are cut out for it all. I mean...the time, energy...I dunno.

We decorated our house for Halloween with a pumpkin wreath and lanterns and all-- so kids would come to our door. Gabe got all into it! Stuff like that I think we'd be good at. Stuff like making time for each other and dealing with a new "us"...is what I contemplate alot.

Cold feet?

melissac said...

You yourself said you don't want to be the oldest mom at preschool :-) Your "you" time and "us" time takes on a whole new meaning. Truly. It all falls into place.

And everything is funner with kiddos! (Provided they are napped, fed, changed and in a cooperative mood.) Otherwise everything you do is a freaking nightmare -- grocery shopping becomes like an episode of Shop 'till You Drop, and driving anywhere may take twice as long since you're likely to pull over to get whatever lovey or snack or rock they threw and can't reach. Advice: don't ever let your kid take the rock they picked up on their outing into the car seat with them.

Jana said...

You know, such a hard decision! As you know from me/Johnna, Eavan/Alexia it can be so awesome and rewarding but keep in mind that I have learned (the hard way!) that 2 kids isn't like 2 kids. 2 kids seems like the work of 3 or 4 kids. If that makes sense! Wait! Don't you have to have a JTC the fourth?!?!