Festivals Aplenty

We had a great time at our neighborhood fall festival: petting zoo (which K loved), bounce house (which K hated), Smokey Mo's BBQ (yum), police car and fire truck tours (eh), tattoos (temporary ones), and of course pumpkins. Counting the one we brought home tonight we now have five pumpkins in our house, just waiting for the weather to cool off so they can go outside. Where they belong.... More photos at my flickr site.


Little Nova said...

That's cool that K gets to be a princess! As a church kid,(before the cool Trunk or Treat stuff they do at churches now)we dressed up as bible characters.

It was terribly economical as every bible character had your base outfit of a robe and staff. robe+staff+TABLETS=Moses, robe+staff+STUFFED ANIMALS=Noah....Well, you get the picture.

Little Nova said...


When you are done carving your 5 pumpkins, you can cube the flesh, throw it in a food processor and make pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving!

melissac said...

Um, no. I'll be lucky if I don't burn the seeds in the oven just making, well, seasoned pumpkin seeds.

Funny you should be mention the bible costumes because today, when were driving around d-town Austin, I saw this kid in a weird get-up. I said to Turner "Huh. I wonder what kind of costume THAT'S supposed to be." Turner so wisely informed me it was alter boy. A REAL ONE. Guess there was a church nearby? I'm such a little heathen....