Bubbly Toes

I used to frown upon children with painted nails. It conjured up images of bizarre pageant girls and eight-year-olds dragged to the nail salons, bored out of their minds. Then, during a quiet Sunday at home, I decided to give myself a pedicure. Kennedy wanted to help and when she realized this is what mommy does when she gets her toes painted, she got so excited and begged to have her toes painted too. We made a trip to the drug store to find a polish that was suitable for a three-year-old. She picked Polyester Pink Creme. In other words, bubblegum pink. Perfect.

The actual application went surprisingly well. She was so careful to wait for them to dry, that even a day later she is sill asking, "They're all dry?" Yes, honey, your very first coat of polish ever is all dry. No go run outside and play!


Powers Family said...

Oh, I can't wait until Millie is older!! :) Hearing/seeing/reading what you and Kennedy do just makes me smile!!

Jana said...

How did we end up with such girly girls?!?! :)

Little Nova said...

Barbies. Painted Toes.You are in B-I-G trouble.....hehehehehe