Never a Dull Moment

Austin is such a great city for kids. (And adults with kids.) Let’s take a moment to daydream about all the places we could be right now: A week ago we saw the Cinderella production at the Scottish Rite Children’s theatre downtown -- very cute. Kennedy broke the hush of the theatre by yelling out “It’s Lucifer! [the cat].” A few months ago it was Peter Pan at the same theatre. Come to think of it, she yelled out during the first few moments of that play too with, “They’re flying to Neverland!” This girl really gets into her fantasy worlds -- looks like we have an actress on our hands.
Other events we’ve recently gone to, as I think of them are:

Ice Cream Festival
Kite Festival
Art Festival
Splash Park
Austin Children’s Museum
Natural Gardener
Ruta Maya
Round Rock Express Baseball Game
Fourth of July Parade
Kiddie Acres
Little Buckaroo Ranch
Ready Set Play
And of course all the pools, parks, trails, wildflower fields and pumpkin patches.

Next I have to decide between Cirque, Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the lighting of the Macy’s Christmas tree at our new swanky outdoor mall. More than likely we’ll end up doing all three.

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