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I'm wondering when the day will come when the cheap plastic princess clip-ons just won't be enough for my accessory-loving girl. At what age is she going to ask, then beg, then demand to get her ears pierced for real? And at what age will I agree to it? I know that I can say NEVER right now, but don't all moms eventually give in at some point? It's either that or you face your daughter doing it on her own, behind your back, who knows where. I know my ears were first pierced very early in my life, when I was too young to remember it. (Too young to ask for it, and too small to protest.) Later, as a teenager, more holes were added, but that was just self-inflicted foolishness on my part. So, what was everyone else's experiences? Is it realistic to think I can wait for puberty? High school? Her wedding?


Little Nova said...

Hmmmm. That's a toughy. In latin culture we do it when they are tiny babies. I had mine done and squirmed in the doctor's chair. So one hole is higher than the other. I never had it fixed. (Dumb, huh?) I just rarely wear earrings. hahahahaha

I think I would wait until high school. I dunno. Maybe I would cave at 13. It's so hard to gage "age appropriate" when all the girls on TV look like little sexy women.


Of course, it would be better than getting her belly button pierced!

Jana said...

Alexia was young, like 7-8 and she really really wanted to do it, but was scared too. It was actually a cute age to do it, they they still like cute little girly earrings.