Word 08 - Updated

The American Dialect Society voted “bailout” as the word of the year. Now, I have linguistics as an interest in my profile for a reason -- I really do care about this kind of stuff, and want to share it with you, all four of you that are reading :-) But of course this post isn't about some stuffy old Dialect Society, but about the words that I think should have been, and quite possibly were, at the top of their list:

Stimulus - Perfect word on so many levels.

Blog - Everyone has a blog now. Everyone. Even the White House.

Facebook - Let's face it, this word is thrown around so much in conversation that it has taken on a life of its own. Plus, it means something else entirely in verb form....

HockeyMom - We love to hate her....

Pirates - specifically Somali. Have we ever heard about so many pirates in this day and age as we have in the past year?

Layoff - That was a biggie in our house this year!

Upcycle - It's good for the environment.

Any one have any others they'd like to add?

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