And It Has Been Written

shamrock, originally uploaded by melissa.coats.

Kennedy has officially written her name! I am kind of shocked -- in a few short weeks she has gone from what looked like EKG lines to Xs and Os, and now all the letters of her name.

Personal note: I used to write my name backwards when I was little, as if you should hold the paper up to a mirror to read it. Freaked my mom out. I also practiced penmanship in the Bible, which is a big NO NO. What can I say, I liked the feel of the paper!


Little Nova said...

Backwards?! What freaky genius were you?? My sister used to draw in my bible during long services...hahahah...I wish we had kept those pages.

Kennedy writes her name soooo well. She is so advanced. I learned to read and write early on but, it took AGES for me to learn the difference between W and M. My knickname for my Mom to this day is WOWWY. Cuz that's how I spelled it until like 1st grade!!! hahahahahah

Jana said...

She is such a quick learner! uh oh! :) I love bible paper too! that thin rice-y feel. I didn't learn to write my name until the day before Kindergarten! age 5! My mom was worried I was "slow".