Boo (Hoo)

Nothing wraps up a predominately boring Halloween weekend quite like the sound of a seal coming from your daughter's bedroom. Croup. I knew what to do (steam, alternated with cold air) but the sheer horror of that cough is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Scary-sounding stuff. I am still recovering from a sinus infection, so the double whammy illness, one month after the whole house having H1N1, is irritating. Fingers crossed that this just means we're getting our winter colds out of the way early this year.

In an effort to relax, I've made hot cocoa, even though it's probably 80 degrees outside, but the early darkness put me in the mood for it. Speaking of in the mood, nothing says "let's celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary" like having a barking seal splayed out in your bed asleep. Instead, I curled up with my new lover, Mac.

And, no, I didn't shut my finger in a door -- that is leftover pumpkin-face on my thumbnail.


Jana said...

I know the word of the day! Thanks to all the foodie shows I watch. Also, I totally blew up the picture to see what was up with your nail. Cute!

Little Nova said...

A girl and her MAC is a thing of beauty.
You had swiney flu??? Ew.

I hope I don't get it.

Mel said...

Swine flu was nothing. (Well, except for that first day....) What stinks is that we got it one right after the other so we were all quarantined for the week. People are making waaaaay too big a deal out of it. (well, unless they have respiratory problems, then I guess they should be concerned....)

Jacinda said...

Thanks for posting a "Prudent Mama" button!: )

We all have a wicked cold here too. Those baby wheezes are heartbreakers.