First (Finished) Crochet Piece

I say "finished" because I have started many a crochet project over the years, but always gave up when I realized the piece that began as a rectangle turned into a triangle. This time I kept it simple and ended up with the perfect child-sized scarf.

There are 11 stitches of double-crochet per row, and I tried to stick to blocks of 6 rows of black, 6 rows of pink, and 3 rows of white, but I think I may have left off a few here and there now that I look at the picture.

The hook was an I/9, whatever that means. It was the only one I could get back from the clutches of the 4-year-old.

The best part is, I started it around 11 pm last night, and finished by lunch today! Hooray!
Here it is on the model:

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Jana said...

So cute! Did she love it?