The Road to Toofdom

More exciting than political philosphy - K has lost her first tooth! The process started a long month ago with a mere wiggle with a finger, and the journey ended last night with the discovery that her tooth was indeed OUT, in her mouth, which she promptly spit into her hand. No pulling required. I am thankful that I don't have to look at that dangling little thing protruding from her bottom jaw anymore. She is thankful for the four one-dollar bills the tooth fairy left under her pillow.

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Natasha Anderson said...

SO you went with the $1 per year of age approach huh? I think that's a safe one. Especially since she's already started losing teeth! haha If the next tooth hangs on until she's 8 you can just pretend that $4 is the standard and that it was never based on age to begin with. :) Do you like how I don't yet have a child and I'm already thinking of ways to save money? Excited for K!xoxo