Shell Loop Scarf

Look, ma! My new scarf. Strayed from the norm and tried out a new stitch -- the Shell Stitch.

Here's a closeup of the pattern.

For the scarf: chain 28. In fourth chain from hook, *DC, DC, CH1, DC, DC,* Skip 3 Chains, do it all again. Next row do *this* in the CH1 space of the previous row until it's approximately 52". Stitch the ends together to make a loop.

Some of you have been wondering about hooks, which to buy, which to use, especially if you're not working off a pattern, which should tell you what to use. Actually, I've only talked to one of you about this, but others may be wondering. So, I present to you: a hook primer.

Starting with the smallest, blurriest hook at the bottom (that's a G). It will make very small stitches and is for very thin yarn. For normal every day items, use an H, I, or J. The scarf above was made with a J. An afghan could be made with a J or K. That N hook is for very thick wool yarn, which I've never even used. Not sure why I have that, actually....


Jana said...

That is beautiful!! Are you selling them? :)

Natasha Anderson said...

Gorgeous! Love the color AND the stitch!

Little Nova said...

YEa...Sell them! I'll buy one in a mustard or a red.