Happy Chanukah

Kennedy & Santa, 2005

We didn't celebrate any Jewish holidays when I was growing up -- my grandparents were Jewish, but it was almost an afterthought for them. Even though they skipped the traditions of their ancestors, it is important that I keep the heritage alive for my daughter. I consider her lucky that she gets to celebrate two winter holidays. (It's so cute to hear her sing the dreidle song!)

This year it has been difficult to prepare for Chanukah. Our menorah candles melted together in the garage, so I had to look high and low for more. I assumed that any grocery store, Hallmark store, Pier1 -someone- would have them. Nope. We had a ghetto candle lighting tonight with tea lights. Oh well, it's the thought that matters. On the flip side, my latkes turned out great this year! I used a recipe from a children's book (thanks Mandy!).


Jana said...

Okay, except for the mustachioed Santa, this is the cutest picture ever!! Can you believe she was that small?!

melissac said...

We called him Hitler Santa :-) But we knew him, so it was okay.

Little Nova said...

Hehehehe....She's so pink and tiny and mad!!!

I never minded the whole Santa thing as a kid. I understood the whole nice old man giving out gifts---Kinda like this universal generous grandpa...It was the giant life sized bunny that broke into our house and hid our treats around the back yard that I hated. Itchy dresses for East Sunday. Yuck. Hated that holiday!

So, you celebrate Hanukkah? That's awesome. My mom always did both, too. My grandpa used to give us coins and tell stories. I remember apricot kugel and oniony latkes.

We even did 3 Kings day. Shoeboxes filled with hay for the camels...They left us 3 gifts like the baby Jesus. Hahahaha

How am I not

Little Nova said...

...messed up.