Kitty in a Haystack

Kitty in a Haystack, originally uploaded by melissa.coats.

We just returned from a trip to the grandparent's ranch in Athens, TX - about a four hour drive from Austin. They have 18 dogs on the ranch, and about as many cats and horses. You're not supposed to ask a rancher how many "head of cattle" they have, so I have no idea how many cows we saw. Kennedy loved all the kittens at the stables, and it was hard for all of us to resist the tempatation to take one home with us. Honestly, if we didn't have our two dogs in the car with us, we would have brought little Sunshine back with us. It was a fun weekend, but the first thing everyone wanted to do, and had to do, when we got home was take a bath. There's no place like home....

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Jana said...

Why aren't you supposed to ask? Is it akin to asking how much money they make? My uncles farm is the same with the cats. I have pictures of the kids cuddling with them on vacation :) This would be the same farm referenced in my blog re: self-neutering!