Her Obsession is Now My Obsession

Calico Update: these critters are on sale 40% off! (here). Nifty!
This weekend Kennedy had an urge to go play with "the dollhouse with the bunnies and kitties and piano (?)" at our neighborhood toy store, Kaleidoscope. Sure enough the little piano was there in the display house, but I couldn't find it on the shelf in any of these intricate room sets. When I asked the woman who (presumably) owns the store, she said they don't make it any more, but that she would sell us the display model for five dollars. Now THAT is true holiday spirit.


Jana said...

How do you keep these away from the dogs?!?!

melissac said...

She only has the cat family so far, and Jolie snuck away with the dad and chewed his head off. I actually had a good laugh about that one :-)

Normally she keeps all dollhouse related items on her little play table, out of reach of the Beast.