Happy September

I don't know what is more troubling, that during our shoe shopping excursion tonight Kennedy immediately went to the Sketchers brand ("THESE ARE SKETCHERS!") or that she is now in a size 11 shoe. With laces! You might remember a previous post about the tall variety, which she certainly does not need and did not get. These, however, make her run faster, jump higher, and look stylin'.

It is the first day of September and that means that I should quit blogging and return to birthday party preparations and planning for grandmama's visit. Twice a year I wish we had a guest room, and this is one of those times. I did make a cute little nook in the office across from the foldout love seat though:

Isn't it cute? And nookish?
And here are the dogs getting fur all over the office foldout love seat:

Yes that is her tongue....

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Natasha Anderson said...

Those ARE so cute! I suppose I should think "Success!" when she knows a brand since I'm in advertising, but advertising to kids is a whole different ball game. Either way, it's working! :D I hope you had a fabulous mother-daughter day!