Oatmeal Teabag Bath

Dry skin has attacked, and the worse for the wear is the little one. She always suffers from some kind of dry/sensitive skin. It was 18 degrees here this morning, and, along with making bread from scratch and potato leek soup, I mixed up some oatmeal powder for a spa treatment tonight.

* About one cup of Oats
* Coffee Grinder or Food Processor
* 2 tablespoons of Baking Soda (the cure-all for skin ailments according to our pediatrician)
* Pantyhose or other nylon footwear (to serve as the "tea bag")

Grind oats, combine with baking soda, put in a tube of pantyhose, soak in the tub.


Jana said...

Did it work? Did she have fun with the pantyhose?
You go homemade mama!

Little Nova said...

I never thought to do this! What a great idea!
I get super dry skin, too. And patchy rashy...

This is GREAT.

Mel said...

FYI - I noticed a difference in her skin the very next day . I also run a humidifier at night to help the air in her room stay moist. I'm going to do another spa treatment tonight. PS - I saved a little extra oatmeal, added some honey, and made a facial scrub for myself. NICE!