Pillowcase Apron

I recently acquired a vintage pillowcase (there are no prints like vintage prints!) so I set off to find something crafty to do with it. This apron tutorial looked easy enough, and I liked that the end product was something functional and not just decorative. "Ten minutes," however, was a little misleading. Ten minutes for an expert seamstress, yes. For me, lining up and sewing the ribbon took ten minutes. But I am happy with the results. The purple one was my practice apron using an extra pillowcase I had on hand. I think it would make a cute teacher gift don't you?

(PS - if the floral one looks a little weird in the pocket area it's because it's still wet from my DISAPPEARING INK FABRIC MARKER! Love my new toy!)

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Jana said...

I love it! Pockets? And the ribbon!