Twenty Ten Things

A list of some of the things I'd like to accomplish this month, this year, this decade....

1. Finish crocheting my ripple afghan.

2. Start a goat farm.

3. Chalkboard paint something.
4. Start a book blog. http://abookforone.blogspot.com/
5. Make more soups, breads and other miscellaneous food stuffs, like Gwen's homemade ketchup and applesauce.
6. Be more thrifty.

7. Plant a vegetable garden.
8. Write more letters.
9. Paint the kitchen.
10. Give more kisses.

11. Take a family & friends vacation to San Diego in July.
12. Take K to swim in the ocean.
13. Make barrettes/make K wear barrettes.
14. Visit Mom's ranch in Colorado.

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Little Nova said...

Goat farming!